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     !!!Brisket Hash $8.50!!!
Two eggs your way, set on top beef brisket, fried potatoes and onions, and a side of toast.

Boney Breakfast$7.5

Two eggs served with hash browns, choice of meat, and toast.

Wrap $7.5

Flour tortilla stuffed with two eggs, hash browns, and choice of meat.

Omelet $5.5

Two eggs served with hash browns and toast

Egg Stuff


Sweet Stuff

​​​​Two Eggs $2

Two Slices of Toast $2

Hash browns $3

Side of Meat $3.25

Brisket Hash $6

​3 French Toast   $6

French Toast w/ Eggs   $7

French Toast w/ Meat   $8

French w/ Eggs and Meat   $9

  Add Whipped Cream $.5


    Cheese - Swiss or Cheddar $.50

    Veggies - Mushroom, Tomato, Onion, or Pepper $.35 ea