The Sides

Baby Back Ribs


Pulled Pork

Pulled Chicken

Please give at least 72 hour notice please. To get meat this tender. It takes time.

Due to COVID-19, prices and availability may vary

Thank you and hope to be hearing from you soon!

The Meats

Yes we will make other sides or smoke different meats upon request.

Give us a call and schedule for your next family gathering, office party, or birthday.

Baked Mac-N-Cheese- $80 for full hotel pan

BBQ Baked Beans- $80 for full hotel pan

Coleslaw- $80 for full hotel pan

Salad- $70 for full hotel pan

Cornbread- $8 per pan (12 count small)

One Full hotel pan should serve anywhere between 65-75 people depending on other sides and food involved.